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Test Neck

Image of Test Neck

Buying a guitar online is becoming more normal and also difficult. If you are interested in buying one of our guitars, we'll send you a neck to see how it feels to you. This will give a better idea of what you will you be buying. If you like it and want to place an order. We'll put the purchase of this test toward your purchase, plus you'll get an additional 10% off too.

What makes a Shevlin Guitar a truly unique instrument is our neck profile. We use a D shape that is thin at the first fret and becomes thicker at the twelfth fret. Many players say this shape is more comfortable allowing them to play longer without fatigue. Being a flatter surface on the back and sides your thumb has more area to rest on. It usually takes a few minutes for your hand to adjust to the different shape, but not long after you will be wishing you tried this profile sooner.