Shevlin Guitars


We want you to love your guitar for a lifetime. Our craftsmenship is covered under the warranty. Here is some helpful information to understand what is and is not covered.

1) Our warranty applies to the orginal owner for the lifetime of the instrument.

2) Our labor is covered. If something fails becuase our work we will fix the guitar and make things right.

3) If something goes wrong with any hardware we will talk to the manufacturer to get new parts or get it fixed on our end.

4) Regular setups/intonation/string changes are not covered. But if you're local to Bend we can help you with those no problem.

5) If you go full Townshend on your guitar and destroy it, that won't be covered and you'll have to pay for all the fixes.

Reguardless of what's going on please email us and we can help you get back to playing music. Since every situation is diffferent its hard to cover everything. We will let you know how to get the guitar back to us when you contact us.

[email protected]